life has been very busy and very full and very fast. most nights after winn goes to bed i have plans to be productive and most nights those plans end with me being, well, not productive. so while my head and heart are overloaded with all the ins and outs of our life right now, i thought maybe a little photo update was in order.

even during the crazy weeks, my days look pretty similar. a lot of hang out time with this girl. and i’m pretty okay with that. sitting up like a big kid.

i’ve been never been much of a fan of the color pink, but there’s something a little magical about a little girl and that soft pink color.

she’s started crawling. kind of. she can make her way all the way around the room, she just gets inventive on how she does it. like this.

thankful for the best mom and technology that lets me pretend she’s hanging out in the living room with us.

winn is so, so curious. she wants anything and everything that’s in front of her or in our hands. including our food.

so, we decided to let her try out some food of her own. she seemed to like it, but also seemed just as interested in eating the spoon as she did the rice cereal.

and since learning to eat means ending up with most of it on her face and clothes, bath time usually follows. winn really likes bath time and really likes splashing. as for me, i really like her dad.

also on her list of likes, sticking out her tongue.

and just being all around cute.

well, at least i can say i was a little bit productive tonight. : )


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  1. pam aycock

    Sharing pictures of that amazing little girl with all of us definitely counts as being productive. 😀 She is so adorable and growing so fast. What a blessing indeed. Thanks Maria and Jared. I still hope to get to meet her next July here at the Birmingham Zoo for Paige and Tyler’s wedding. 😉

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