day at the fair

this past saturday we ventured down to the south carolina state fair with winnie and jared’s parents. we knew winnie was too young to really even notice we were at the fair, but it was still fun to bring her along and pretend she cared about the rides and the animals. plus, is there a better people watching spot than the fair? i don’t think so.

we had a lot of fun and ate a whole lot of fair food. i’ll warn you ahead of time, i had a hard time editing myself, so this post may contain an overabundance of pictures.

i said we ate our fair share of fair food but we did draw the line at deep fried butter. deep fried cinnamon butter balls. i don’t even understand.

chicken gyro. yes, please.

winn hung out in the stroller most of the day. i can’t get over how big she looks.

we bought some chocolate chip cookies from a stand inside. they were SO good.

jared and his mom post tilt a whirl experience.

i know this one is a little blurry, but it was our best attempt to take a picture of ourselves. we got in line to ride the ferris wheel. i don’t ever remember being put in the same ferris wheel cart with strangers before, but we were seated with a high school couple that had made out the whole time we were waiting in line. not ideal, but made for a very interesting and awkward ferris wheel ride.

winnie fell asleep in her stroller with her little legs crossed. so sweet.

lauren got off early and came to meet us. she’s such a celeb in this pic.

best aunt ever.


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