perfect day

oh, hello again.

today was the most perfect early fall day. we spent a lot of time outside at the park and we even went out and got some pumpkins (fail on our part for not taking pictures.) i love this season.

she looks so old in this picture. it actually hurts my heart how beautiful she is.

later in the day, we went to park with lauren and beulah. winn and beu have had limited interaction so we let them get to know each other a little bit. winn was mesmerized by her.

until she wasn’t anymore.

just gettin’ a little beulah love.



Filed under beulah, park, winnie

2 responses to “perfect day

  1. pam aycock

    Oh Maria, she is just so beautiful. I think that she looks a little bit like you and a little like Jarrod. I cannot believe she is getting so big already. What a blessing I know she is for y’all. 😀

  2. pam aycock

    And why did I spell Jared’s name like that?? hehe

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