it’s been a very full past two weeks.

jared’s been working like a mad man the last few weeks, but was able to slow it down a little this past week, which conveniently coincided with my birthday. it was a really good birthday, actually, the best birthday i think i’ve ever had, minus not having my parents around. winnie and i are going down to visit soon, which will mean my first solo plane ride with a baby. i think it may take all two and a half weeks before i leave to mentally prepare for that one.

speaking of that babe, she is actually the cutest thing ever. ever. and while she is so funny and sweet and charming with jared and i, she has developed a bad case of i-don’t-want-anybody-to-even-look-at-me-other-than-my-mom-and-dad. it really is sweet how attached she is to the both of us, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to pass her around without worrying about her screaming at the top of her lungs. so, winnie, although i love holding you, maybe let’s try and work on this one?

winn also gained a playmate a little early this week. good friends of ours, geoff and cheyenne schultz, were pregnant and due with their baby boy mid september. due to some complications, he needed to be delivered early and he was born on tuesday. after some more health complications with cheyenne, she and baby boone are now healthy and recovering well. thank you Jesus! we are so excited to meet him.

my project for the rest of tonight is to update winnie’s baby book and by update, i really mean begin. i know i really want to have that for us and for her to look back on, but, yeesh, not doing so hot so far.


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