life as a story

i just finished reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years this past weekend. i devoured it over just a few short days. i love all of Donald Miller’s books, but this one was especially good, especially timely.

jared and i have talked a lot lately about what it means to have our life and our children’s childhood be an adventure. what, if we can have any say, we want them to remember and experience and learn as they grow up. and i think in talking about it, it’s really made us think about what a life of advenuture really is. what makes a life adventurous and what makes a childhood exciting. what will make our children grow up and dream big.

i used to think adventure meant you had to go somewhere new and do big things and travel a lot and live in foreign countries and be a missionary and hike up mountains. and while there’s no doubt adventure can be all of those things, my definition is beginning to grow outside of those limits.

somewhere in the middle of college, the city of Seattle began to sit heavy on my heart. i didn’t really know why, but somehow it would always creep up in my heart and i would pray over it and ask God what He meant by it. then after my junior year, jared and i went out to visit lauren, who had just moved out there. i finally had the chance to go visit a place that my eyes had never laid on, but my heart felt so connected to.

and i loved it. and jared loved it. and on one really memorable night, we went for a walk. we decided that the next spring we would graduate college and get married and move out to Seattle. and then it made sense, why this place had been so on my heart. it was going to be where we were going next. this was going to be the beginning of our adventure together.

we went back home and settled into the summer, i was home in florida and jared was in charlotte for his internship. we talked and dreamed about how different our lives would be in a year, married and living across the country. but then something shifted, God was taking our story in another direction. and no matter how many times we tried to edit it to include what we thought it should include, it just didn’t read right.

it seemed as if Seattle was where the adventure would be. a big city, far away, where we knew no one and everything was new. but maybe we’re learning that having our lives be an adventure doesn’t depend on how new the place or how impressive our resume of activities looks to others. maybe our challenge is to have a new idea of an adventure. to realize that wherever God is calling us is where the real adventure is. because we have been apart of things here in Charlotte that i could never have imagined. and we have learned things about the character and nature of God that we would have never seen or experienced if we weren’t here in our calling.

and if that includes traveling a lot and living in foreign countries and being missionaries and hiking mountains, then great. but if not, that’s great, too. because our story and the story of our children’s life will be the greatest adventure when we are walking in way the Lord is calling us.

and it doesn’t even really feel right to say that it’s sacrificing our idea of our story, because what we get in it’s place is so good, so sweet.  because what i think makes up a good story is pale in comparison to the story that God wants to take us through.

our life will always be an adventure with Him. and i have a feeling we won’t be disappointed.



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3 responses to “life as a story

  1. Hey Maria! I really like what you say here. I miss you guys and I really want to come see that kid sometime soon! My friend’s dad is one of the filmmakers Donald Miller talks about in ‘Million Miles’. It was interesting reading about his conversations with a guy that I have had many conversations with myself! Hope you are well. Peace.


  2. Sam Winks

    I also just finished a million miles in a thousand years, and I was really blown away by it. It caught me off guard because I wanted it to be Blue Like Jazz the sequel, but its so different, and so good in its own right.

    It was also very timely for me, as I kept trying to move to green lumpy places, and small towns that I have been lusting to move to for years, and then arriving there and realizing that God didn’t ordain it for me. It is hard to actually live adventurously everyday, it is much easier to move to western NC and assume that adventure will find you somewhere between work and ingles. I have come to realize that adventure and excitement are there with every decision we make it is just a matter of choosing it over the easier more forgettable option.

    Sam Winks

  3. Maria,

    I needed to read this. Your words are so true and I believe that sometimes the adventure of going to different places can be a wonderful thing full of amazing people and opportunity, but I also believe that one particular place or the person you are with can bring those same things to your life.
    Your daughter is gorgeous. I hope all is well.
    All the best,

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