oh hey there.

this weekend seemed to fly by. jare is super busy and has worked the last few nights so he would have the days free with us. yeah, he’s great. winnie has started going to bed earlier this week, which gives a little breathing room between the days.

so, with a sleeping baby and working husband, it’s been a quiet couple of nights. reading some, cleaning some, and resting a lot. i’ve needed a few nights like this just to recharge a little. and He’s been good to provide.

winn asked me to please post a few pictures of her room. i know, she’s so advanced. and well, since she said please, here are a few.

jared got this mobile for her when he was in uganda. she could actually stare at it all day. she just lays in her crib and smiles at it. even more impressive, with just one glance, its been known to stop a fair share of crying fits dead in their tracks.

i love this little corner of her room. i can’t wait until she’s interested in books and i can read to her. i’ve tried to read a few books, but it seems a little silly to read to a baby that has no idea what you are even doing and would rather just stare at her fingers.

anyways, there’s a little mini tour of miss winn’s room.

and here’s a picture of that little baby doing what she does best, squirming around.

okay, okay. just one more.

i can’t even help myself. i mean, look at that little face.



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