planes, trains, and screaming babies

i’ve always really liked airports.

i don’t know. maybe it has something to do with my dad having to fly a lot for work. or maybe its the endless opportunities for people watching. or maybe its just the endless book and magazine stores that line the concourses. whatever it is, i just like ’em.

we flew home yesterday from a really wonderful and relaxing vacation up at my parent’s cabin in wisconsin. our flight up there last week was better than i could have imagined. no line at check in, brought right to the front of the line at security, three-seat row to ourselves, plenty of time to read, sleeping baby. perfect.

yesterday was a little bit of a different story.

there was no time for endless people watching. no time for perusing through the book and magazine stores, reading all the titles. just time to muster enough courage and willpower to survive a two month old’s relentess screaming without falling apart too much.

i don’t know what was more challenging; winnie screaming so hard she was turning all shades of red and purple , the exploded diaper on the plane, the stares and comments, or finally getting out of the airport and getting dropped off in the wrong parking lot which required a twenty minute walk to find our car.


and the thing is, once we were home and were able to get a good look at that little baby that had us feeling like we were going through a fratenity’s hazing not too long before, it already didn’t feel all that bad. sure it was rough, and no, i won’t be jumping on any planes too soon, but we got to spend time with family and we got to be a little family ourselves. and winnie got to have her first big adventure, even if just through her little two month old eyes.

plus, look at that cute face.


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