to remember

i’ve been struggling with what the purpose of me having a blog would be. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i love a good blog. i just feel a little silly pretending that this blog is for anyone but myself. and i don’t mean that in a sad, pitiful sort of way but more of a not-sure-how-to-stay-motivated-to-write sort of way.

i am sure though, that i want to be able to remember all of this.

i want to remember the huge thunderstorm that came through today on winnie’s first trip to wisconsin and how she slept right through it. and the walk we took yesterday with winnie in her carrier and how she couldn’t keep that dang shoe on her left foot. and the bloodcurdling scream that a certain baby decided to try out last night last that knew no cure (and left me with a few tears of my own.) but most of all, i want to remember the fact even when the days can be long and bleed into the nights and we have no clue what were doing, we are beyond blessed to have this life.

so for the sake of remembering.. blogging, here we go.



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2 responses to “to remember

  1. Pam Aycock

    Winnie will love the fact that her Mother wrote these things someday. She will want you to be able to tell her about all the silly little things. Even all of those sleepless nights when you thought you didn’t know what you were doing. All new parents feel that way and don’t you let anyone tell you different. You just have to feel your way through it all. Winnie knows that you love her and that all you want is to make it and her better. It’s a learning process for all of you. But, believe me, in the end those little moments is what life is all about. When you send her off to college someday (maybe even SCAD) she will still want to hear about how she could sleep through a thunderstorm and could never keep her shoes on when she was a baby. 😀

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