baby wishlist

oh, hello blog for the second time in two weeks.

the reality of having a baby in our everyday, all the time lives in four months has started to sink in over the last week. not that i wasn’t thinking about it or excited before, but may 8th seemed like an eternity away. and while there are much more important important things to prepare other than her room and clothing, that’s the fun, easy part that i’ve been looking at here and there over that last few days.

my mom is heading up here next month with a crib that friends of theirs have generously given to us. i’ve started looking around some for crib sets and bedding and its a little bit of a daunting task. when i was little, i would wear dresses i loved for days on end and my “sport” of choice was ballet, but i drew the line at the color pink. i’ve never been a fan and i don’t think i could pull out of my closet or house one thing that’s the color pink. also, pink and my hair and skintone just don’t go together very nicely. so, having said all that, a baby girl on the way inevitably means some pink is in our future and and i’ve embraced that (ha, that sounds super lame and dramatic). baby girl bedding is another story. i just can’t embrace the bright pink overload that seems to be everywhere. and for some reason it seems the more subdued and simple the bedding, the more dollars attached to the price tag. so, in a forget all about the price sort of way, here are a few sets that i really love:

and my all time favorite:

also, found this swedish kids clothing company, polarn o. pyret on a blog the other night. i was really surprised to find that the prices aren’t as jawdropping as the bedding above. so in the spirit of dreaming up a room and wardrobe for our little girl, here are some of my favorites from their collection:

alright, enough baby stuff wish-listing for now.


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  1. sis

    heyyyoo. what a nice surprise. i just clicked on your page and saw TWO entries. score for my boring monday night.

    can’t wait for that little snuggly bear to come out and play. well, cuddle, then play later on.

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