best nine of the last ten

a whole decade.

i began this decade as a young, braces-wearing twelve year old and am ending it as a young, newly married and pregnant twenty-two year old. it just seems so funny to me that i can start off a decade as a child and end it as a married almost-already-kinda-parent. so much changes over the span of ten years. i’ve been thinking about the biggest, most monumental and life shaping events for me over this decade and i’ve come up with a few (i’m not hip enough to make a “best of” album list so this is what i got). i’ve only come up with nine, so we’ll just pretend its an even ten, here we go:

1. survived middle/high school

a good chunk of this past decade was spent in these two places. and while there isn’t a whole lot else to say, it was a feat in itself to just come out on the other side of these two eras without too many bumps or bruises.

i am limited to facebook right now for pictures, so i searched for the best high school-esque photo. and what says high school more than a youth summer camp retreat where relationships begin and end in a week?

2. went off to college (and then graduated)

the idea of going to college in a different state with no one i knew was equal parts terrifying and exciting. a lot of good, some bad, but, overall really good.

3. met this kid

first time jared and i met and hung out. at orientation retreat. best friends from here on out.

4. summer in lacoste

spent the summer in a small town in southern france for school, although i don’t really remember doing a whole lot of “school.”  this was such a huge time for me in terms of growth and rewriting a lot of who I thought the Lord to be. I look back at that this time as so special and sacred. my very own hosea 2:14-20 experience.

5. decided to get married and move to charlottejared interned at elevation for the summer between our junior and senior year. we knew as the summer went on our plans to go out to the northwest after graduation wasn’t what we were being called to. so we set out sights on charlotte and counted down the days until we got to call it home.

6. got engaged

one key step in making #5 possible

6. figured out what i really liked to do

so fashion isn’t really my thing. fabric and textiles, yes; fashion, no. hand drawn patterns became my new love. and that’s here to stay.

7. got married

8. moved to charlotte, became an adult, and became a part of a church i really love

not much else to say other than i love all of it. a lot.

9. suprise! baby girl on the way.

she’s coming on may 8th (or whenever around then that she wants) and we are so excited.


well thats all for this decade. time to enjoy a few more days on vacation. happy 2010!


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One response to “best nine of the last ten

  1. Pam Aycock

    This post is amazing. And hey, I know those girls in that Lacoste picture. 😀
    I also love your textile patterns. That’s wonderful. How are Mommy and Baby feeling? And when exactly is your due date again?
    Love ya,

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