here we go.

alright, its time to get this ball rolling. i got this blog as a really great birthday present and i haven’t been able to do it much justice yet. the truth is, i don’t know how many people would really want to read about the last two months of constant gagging. its been a struggle, but i am starting to feel a whole lot better and for that, i’m very thankful.

to say these last few months of our life have been eventful and full of change would be an understatement. its crazy for me to think that a year ago, jared and i weren’t even engaged. and while i could see some of this coming, i don’t think i would have guessed we would be married, moved to new state, started new jobs, and becoming parents.

speaking of being parents. meet the newest member of our family:

alright, i’m keeping it short and sweet tonight so I actually get this posted and up and running.( also, i’m at jared office and there is a really comfy, huge bean bag that has my name on it). night!


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